How to avoid boredom in a job

Americans suffer from a lack of results in the workplace. Many of them have spent several years without a salary increase or a promotion.

One the causes for this is the lack of opportunities. In a recessionary economy, workers are more worried about maintaining whatever job they have. 

Another cause of problems is the fact that  some people just stay waiting for things to happen. This is a behavior that causes boredom. 

The long term objective of your work, however, should be to charge your own course, based on what you think needs to be done. 

Tips for High Performance

A great step is to have a list of "what I think needs to be done". For each item have a line: "how much is this important to our business?". Then think about how long it is gonna take and how many people need to get involved.

Try to get the top item approved, and do it. Then, move to the next item. This will help you maintain momentum. 

Eventually, try to get more than one item approved. Consider these items as your "treats". If you finished what has been assigned to you, you can go ahead and get another item from your list approved. 

With this kind of behavior, business and work in general becomes much easier. The result is therefore success as a recognition for great work. 

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