Business masterminds - Warren Buffet

by Robert Heller

The books starts with the history of W.B., how he created his unique investment technique, and the first investments he made. The second part of the book explains his technique for selecting stocks, based on the intrinsic value of the company, and its prospect of groth. For example, it is decribed how WB developed a special type of accounting that he uses to evaluate the real growth of a company.

Another aspect of W.B.'s methodology is his relation with acquired companies. The objective is never to interfere with the management of the company, and let current managers to have complete freedom. For this to work, those managers must act as owners, so they must have significant ownership on the company.

Finally, the book discusses the theory of rationality used by WB. Human bings are born rational, but they don't develop this quality as they should. The objective of the investor is to use this rationality to understand and predict business groth.

The book has a nice and simple exposition, and is ideal if you want a quick introduction to the ideas of the man known as the the greatest investor of the world.

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