How to get rich on other people's money by Tyler Ricks

How to get rich on other people's money: Going from flat broke to great wealth with creative financing - this is a book from Tyler Hicks, that discuss interesting ways in which a person can achieve wealth using other people's money.

The main idea discussed in the book is that the best way to start a business is using other people's money. That can be done in several ways:

The book goes in depth to explain the several sources of money for your operations. It is not only useful to learn these options, but the author also gives lots of suggestion for the types of business that can benefit from loans and other forms of money.

Using other people's money is really a great way to start a business. When you have other people interested in your advance, it becomes possible to create value more efficiently. This book makes a great job of offering good information and suggestions to implement your business strategies.

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Article created on 2015-02-27 20:13:52

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