Instant Income by Janet Switzer

Instant income is a book full of new opportunities to make money. It describe methods to increase your revenue in whatever area of business you may be. Even if you are not a full time entrepreneur -- for example, the book gives advice for employees and even for people that want to do business just on their free time.

The premisse of the book is that anyone can make more money buy following up with customers and asking what they want more. This idea is extended throughtout the book into hundreds of techniques that can bring you additional cash, and sometimes even change how your business is run.

For example, Janet describes how you can always upsell customers with some offer that they may really need. For example, creating bundles of products or services for a promotional price. Even if a business has only one product that they may not upsell, there is the possibility of joint ventures, in which different business combine to create offers that will satisfy customers in a better way.

Keeping in Touch

Another great advice is to keep contact with customers by all possible ways. A list of emails is a basic tool that a company can use to keep in touch and extend the amount of business from each customer. All these techniques are described in depth on the book. Also, the author writes in clear style, that can be easily followed by anyone and is enjoyable to read.

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