Peak Learning: How to Create Your Own Lifelong Education

Peak Learning: How to Create Your Own Lifelong Education Program for Personal Enlightenment and Professional Success

by Ronald Gross

This book describe techniques that will help adults to live in a constant learning mode. Due to the organizational methods we learned in school, we have a wrong idea what learning is. For example, we are constantly fearing the process of learning new subjects, since in our unconscious mind this would lead to the requirements of exams and grades. However, when we are not subjected to these fears, learning is usually a joyful experience. The author describes the characteristics of learning and how to use this sensation of fear and joy to our advantage.

Initially, the author describes the scientific discoveries that show that anyone is able to learn -- although the learning styles may be quite different. The different ways in which the brain is connect may lead to people that are more comfortable with a theoretical style, while other are more practical and active learners.

The basic way of having great returns in our leaning activities is achieving what is called the "flow state", where one is deeply connected to the subject being learned. This is in opposition to the state of boredom and fear that we may feel when not in the flow state. To achieve this state we have to learn in the right speed, and actively.

The main problem with traditional teaching material is that students have to follow a pre-determined teaching style, which is not the best one for most people. Also, smart learners are "slowed down", and this leads to apathy. The solution for this problem is to approach learning in three stage: pre-learning, where questions are formulated about the material; learning, when we read or use any other means to understand a topic; and post-learning, when recalling and interpretation is required. For the second phase, the author suggests the use of mind maps, and probes, i.e., questions that will guide our study. The main idea of a probe is to make us read with a purpose, and therefore avoid boredom.

In summary, this is an excellent book, which I read with great interest.

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