Review of No B.S. Wealth Attraction for Entrepreneurs

Dan Kennedy is a well know business consultant and writer. He is often viewed as a can-do guy, with a on-the-face style of communication. Even if you don't like his style of saying things, most people agree that Dan provides some good advice on how to be an entrepreneur -- from managing time to reaching your customers

Dan is back with one more of his books. This time he writes about wealth attraction for entrepreneurs, a topic that has recently become fashionable, due to successes such as "the secret".

Practical Attraction

In Dan's book, however, the attraction factor is much more practical than in "the secret". Dan talks about actions that can attract business and wealth, and most of them involve working hard and talking to your customers.

In this book, Dan describes techniques that he has frequently used to bring in more business by improving his attitude towards money and work.

One thing that holds most people back in life is that they have a scarcity view of the world. So, they think that there is just so much money that they can get, or take from someone else.

Shifting your Mind

A great shift happens when you start seeing yourself as a source of wealth. If that is the case, then the more you work, the more you make wealth, not only for yourself but for others too. This is the practical view of money attraction, because it shows that the more you work and create wealth, the more of it you can have.

The book is quick to read, and it is recommended. It may help to change people's attitude towards wealth creation and entrepreneurship -- and that is an important job.

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