Soros, the life, time, and trade secrets

Book: Soros, the life, time, and trade secrets of the world's greatest investor, by Robert Slater

This book describes the life and history of George Soros, the man best known for his largely successful Quantum Fund, and as one of the biggest philanthropists in the world.

The book is a non-authorized biography. It starts with his infancy in Hungary, how he managed to scape the concentration camps and emigrated to England. There he started a life time study of philosophy. After a few years he moved to New York to work in the thing that he seamed to know best: manage money through investment.

Through his life he managed a fund started with a few million dollars and that by the 90s had billions. He also became famous for betting against large institutions, such as the central bank of England.

The book is easy to read, and at some points it gives interesting information about the investment strategies used by Soros and his fund managers. It is good way of learning what there is in the investment world other than the stock market -- and how powerful this larger market is.

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