Time Power, by Brian Tracy

This is simply the best book I have ever read on time management. The main difference of this books from other ones that I have read is not that is has different techniques. Techniques for organization and time keeping are similar, with TODO lists, organizers, etc.

The main difference is that Brian Tracy is not over concerned about the techniques, but about the main reason of organization. And the idea is not only that you must have goals and major objectives, but why you should have them. The result is a book that is fantastic as a motivation tool, a book that will truly make you think about how you are running your life.

The main idea of the book is that time is power, in fact is everything you have. Every single minute of your time must therefore be used in the best possible way, according to what you believe is best for you. I would say that with this idea the book shows to be not only a self-help publication, but a truly philosophical one.

Reading this book made me to think and rethink the way I am working, my goals in life, and how I am organizing myself. Thus, I believe that the main advantage of this book is not to teach simple organization techniques, since this can be found in may other publication. Instead, it is how it will take you into action, and the way you will rethink your time management procedures in the future.

The main topics discusses by Brian Tracy are: psychology of time management, discovering your goals and objectives, how to establish priorities, developing the habit of getting things done, management of multitask jobs, overcoming procrastination, meetings, and philosophy of time management. The only chapter that is a little out of the main line of the book is the one about salespeople, since it is too specific.

In my personal experience, this is a timeless book. I plan to read it not only once, but many times again.

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