How to Make Money with Stocks in any Environment

In a universe of so many public companies, it is sometimes difficult for the average investor to know where to put his money. The media keeps constantly bombarding us with information and names of companies that "must" be part of our portfolio.

All of this leads to widespread confusion. This, in fact, is exactly what brokerage houses and Wall Street firms want. The most confused the consumer is, the more opportunity to sell services and investment research, and more profit for Wall Street deep pockets.

This is not necessary, however. Finding great stocks is nothing more than a matter of looking at a particular ideas. Then, based on gathered information, select stocks in a safe way. That can make the difference between a bad investment and an investment that will return millions.

Business Cycles

First, it is important to look at the business environment. How are companies doing objectively? In the last few years it has become commonplace to question the economy. However, there is still a lot of growth going on in particular periods of time and in selected geographical areas. To get a better grasp of the situation, just look at how stocks are doing in the last few weeks. For example, since 2009 stocks have rebounded strongly, which suggests that many companies are growing, despite the difficult environment.

The smart investor needs to be used to these cycles. Investing in a down cycle is wrong, but it is also wrong to discard the times when you can make great profits.

Particular Sectors

Even if the general economy is not doing well, there are always sectors that are growing. In fact, even if most companies are going out of business, there will be opportunities left for lawyers and demolition companies! In other words, there will always be companies that benefit from a downtrend. You should allocate your money to take advantage from these opportunities too.

More realistically, at any times there is a number of sectors in the economy that will be doing better than others. If it is real estate, technology, banking, or oil exploration, it doesn't really matter what the opportunity is. What is important is to be able to take the opportunity that is presenting itself and use it to increase our portfolio gains.

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