Converting LaTeX to other formats

Creating documents is LaTeX is the best way to have publish-quality output. Usually, TeX and LaTeX documents are converted to pdf or ps, formats that allow high control of the result.

However, there are situations in which is necessary to convert LaTeX documents to simpler formats. For example, one may want to convert a LaTeX document to HTML format, for display in a web page, or even to MS Word format.

The opposite is also often desirable: one may want to convert from HTML, rtf, or doc files to LaTeX. You may need to do this in order to publish your files for a book, or maybe you need to write a report in LaTeX from your original sources.

Converters to LaTeX

To make this possible, there are some programs that have been developed with the special purpose of converting document to some other format that is not dvi or post script. Here is a small list of such programs.

HML2Latex: This is a program written in C which can be used to translate HTML documents into the LaTeX format.

HTML2latex in Perl: another program to convert to LaTeX from HTML, this time written in Perl.

Converters from LaTeX

LaTeX2HTML: this is a well know program that reads LaTeX format and writes HTML pages. The html can be written as a single long page or broken into several pages, one for each section.

Grindeq is a nice tool that can be used to convert from LaTeX to word documents.

Tex2Word is another program (shareware) that can easily convert document from LaTeX to word.

Let me know if you have additional tools (current ones, please) that can be added to this list.

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