A List of Useful Extensions for Chrome

Chrome is the web browser created by Google. In its latest version Chrome added support for extensions, small programs that can change the functionality of Chrome. Chrome extensions are just like Firefox plugins that are created specifically for Chrome.

Since its creation, programmers around the world are already creating extensions that can improve the usability of Chrome. These extensions provide from simple functionalities, like checking email, to very specialized functions, such as showing the loading time of any web page.

Here is a quick list of Chrome extensions that will make your life easier, of that are just amusing:

Vimlike Smooziee: this is an extension that modifies Chrome to accept simple key commands. For example, "j" move the cursor down and "u" restores the page that was last closed.

Google translate: This extension allows a user to view a translation of the current web page .

RSS Subscription extension: With this extension, you can subscribe to any RSS feed from within Chrome with a single click.

Cooliris: This extension gives a 3D view of the images stored in any web page. It is an easy and attractive way to navigate images in the web.

IE Tab: If you need to see a web page as it would be displayed in Internet Explorer, this extension if for you. It will show any page with the IE display engine, so you can use IE without loading it.

For even more useful Chrome extensions, you should check the repository of Chrome extensions hosted by Google.

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Article created on 2009-12-09 15:18:07

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