Using Google Page Creator to Build A Web Page

If you need to create a web page, there are several options on where to stablish your web presence. Some of these options require the creation of web templates, or styles, so that you can have something that looks reasonably good. If you don't have any knowledge of web programming or web design, it can be a little tricky to create a nice web page.

However, if you use Google Page Creator as your service for creating websites, many of these problems can be easily solved. First of all, Google page creator gives you free space, which is almost unlimited for practical purposes. With Google page creator you can create as many pages as you want, and all the space is available for free.

Second, Google Page Creator comes with dozens of nice-looking web page styles, so you don't have to spend much time to create a style that is personalized to your own needs.

Creating your first page

To start using Google Page creator, you need to have a Google account. Since most people nowadays use Gmail as a web-based email system, I assume that you already have a Google account. If that is not true, you can simply go to Google Page Creator (, and at the first time you visit the web site, you will have an opportunity to register.

Once you have a Google account, you can just enter your user-name and password at, and it will direct you to the control dashboard, also known as site manager. There, you can create new pages, edit the ones you already have, or delete pages that you don't want anymore.

To create a new page, click on the first element of the page, named "Create a new page". It will show you a text box, where you can type the name that best describes your new web page.

When you click on the button "create and edit" the new page will be displayed. You Google page is ready to be edited to add your personal content.

Editing Your Page

A web page in Google Page Creator is divided into several sections. The top of the page is the header. It is normally displayed with large titles. Depending on the style of the page you are creating, there will be a sidebar, and a main area, where the main text of your page will go.

To edit the page, you can simply type you content in the main area, until you are done. The page you create are periodically saved on the system, so you don't need to worry about saving some of your work.

Also, the standard pages have a footer, where you can put standard information such as contact, a link to your main page, or other disclaimers.

If you are ready to see the results, just click on the "preview" link, at the top of the page.

Using Layouts

One of the nice things of Google Page Creator is that it gives an easy way to create page layouts. If you have some experience with page creation with html, you will quickly admire the simplicity of layouts on Google Page Creator.

If you click on the "change layout" link on the top, you will see a list of common layouts that can be immediately applied to your web page. You can think of these options as a way to organize where the side bars, title, and foot-bar will be organized in the final page. Select the one that you like most, and use it to create your page.

The other option that can make your life very ease, is in the link name "change look". When you click there, you will see dozens of ready to use styles. These styles are very simple, but also very comfortable to use in most situations.

With this little introduction, you are able to create a large number of nice-looking web pages. For more advanced information on Google Page Creator, click on the help link, on the top. The help is very comprehensive, and provides instructions for more advanced topics, such as embedding video, gadgets, and much more!

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