Using Vim Shortcuts on Chrome

Chrome has recently added the excellent option of extensions, which work similar to Firefox plugins. With extensions, users are now able to improve Chrome in various ways, without having to wait for a new version.

If you are a vim aficionado like me, there is a new extension that makes Chrome use many keys similar to vim. It is called Vimlike Smooziee, and provides many shortcuts that can be easily accessed from the keyboard.

To install the extension, visit the address using Chrome, then click on the install button. The next web pages you open will already be accessible using the vim-like shortcuts.

Here are some of the commands you will have available after installing the extension:

With these shortcuts, it get easier than ever to navigate web pages using Chrome. And it is a great way to speed up a browser that is already so easy to use.

Tags: chrome, extensions, vim, shortcuts
Article created on 2009-12-09 14:40:34

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