Viewing the sunrise with Google Earth and Discovery

Google is a company that has always provided tools to visualize large amounts of data in the Internet. With Google search with can have access to an unprecedented level of information, which can be requested by just typing a few keywords on the topic of our choice.

Web search has become something of essential importance for web usage. It doesn't matter if we have a lot of information but we cannot access that information easily. With Google search it is possible to find complex data with a simple interface.

Google is also providing other means to explore data. For example, in the last few years we have seen the company to add tools to visualize maps. These are not only tools to find directions, but also to explore areas that we would like to visit, for example. It is important to understand how such tools work in order to get the best of a touristic visit, for example.

Features of Google Earth

Google earth has steadily added features to its base application during the last months. The latest addition to this dynamic software application is the ability to watch the sun rising on different parts of the planet.

The images are provided by Discovery, with footage from several places on earth. It is possible to see the sun rising at almost any time of the day, by following the path of the sun around the planet.

It is interesting as the technology is truly helping everyone to become more acquainted with our planet. What in the past was huge and isolated now can be explored with a few simple clicks of the mouse.

With Google Earth, Google is revolutionizing the access to geographical data in the same way that it revolutionized access to the web. And, since it is all for free, I can only say thanks.

Why Would You Use Google Earth?

Google earth may at first seem just like a curiosity. However, it may have a lot of serious uses, which have to do with getting access to geographical data. Even normal users can benefit a lot from the features provided by Google Earth. For example:

1. Finding directions: The most common use for such a software is to find our way in a crowded place. Most cities are so complicated to navigate that it becomes essential to have something like Google earth, where it is easy to verify directions.

2. Exploring a place we want to visit: it is possible to check a touristic attraction for example. You don't need to spend your precious time checking a map, if you can just program your visit using an easy-to-use software

3. Remembering places your visited: I have a lot of fun looking at places that I visited before. It gives a true sense that you are going to a familiar place once again. This is a great use for a software such as Google Earth.


Google Earth is a really useful website. It provides a lot of free information and can be used on a number of occasions. I have listed a few reasons why I like it, but I am sure you can also find other uses.

If you haven't tried before, maybe should be interesting to take a look, and find the things that you like about this nice piece of software.

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