How to Improve Your Searches on Google

Searching the web has become the gold mine for companies like Google. The average Internet user spends a large part of its time looking for information, and the largest repository of search information in the world is Google.

Since searching is such an important task, we should strive to do it efficiently. For many people, finding information is one of the basic tasks in his or her job. So, spending less time doing Google searches means more time to do other, more useful things.

Searching is a nice way to become smarter. Thanks to web search, you don't need to buy expensive books or even go to a university to learn what you like most. You can use the Internet here and now to learn whatever you want.

However, to be able to find the information you need you must become acquainted with searching the web. It is not difficult, but it is of great importance, and there are nice tools, such as Google, available to make the we more accessible to everyone.

A few tips to improve your searches

There are many ways to improve searches with Google. Most of them involve learning some of the handy keywords that Google has provided in its search interface. We will learn a little about some of these keywords, and use them to achieve maximum efficiency on web searches.

Although many people have never found it, Google provides dozens of keywords that, when added to your search, can yield much faster and accurate results. These keywords limit the search in a way that will return a more target set of links than what you would receive in a standard search.

An example of very powerful keyword is the site: keyword. When added to your search, the site keyword can limit the search to a specific web site. For example, searching for information about a car, lets say, a Toyota, may be more efficient if you target the web site of the company. In that case, you just need to type: car safety

This search will return all information related to car safety in the web site of Toyota. If you are doing a research on different car companies, you can try this search for each different web site, and you will have a clear list of car safety information for each company.

Many other keywords exist for Google, I recommend that you check the help page at Google, where all the information is listed and clearly explained. The online help provided by Google has also a lot of information that can make your searches even more targeted and efficient. Efficiency is the name of the game when it comes to searching data on the Internet.

Use more specific words

Another important tip involves the use of more specific words. This may seem clear for many, but almost everyone forgets how useful this can be when using Google.

Remember that Google tries to match the words that you type to web pages. This is done automatically, so the only way to get better results is being more specific. For example, if you looking for baby clothes, it is better if you type the exact type of clothing you are looking for. Otherwise, you may be disappointed in finding that the top result shows how to donate clothes for babies. You will be simpling spending your time on searches that are not related to what you need.

Excluding words

Another way to improve your searches is excluding words that don't correspond to what you are looking for. This is another simple step, but it is easy to forget how it is done.

Suppose that you are looking for touristic information on the Java island. However, if you type Java as your search term at Google, you will only find millions of pages linking to pages about the Java programming language.

An easy way to improve your search is type Java -programming. This will exclude all pages that are related to programming, but still related to java. Maybe

Java island -programming -language

is a still better way to find what you want.

Learn How the Web Works

Improving the results of your search is a matter of being more specific, and at the same time being smart about the type of result you want. For example, many web sites list several keywords at its top, but they are there just to attract visitors.

A category that suffers with this problem is "making money on the web", or "home based jobs". If you type this kind of search, you will find millions of pages that promise money, but that have little substantial. This is a case where Google makes life harder, instead of easier, for online researchers.

The web is already infested with erroneous information. This is part of the reason why Google is so useful for many people: it allows them to separate useful information from the piles of unnecessary knowledge that is out there, stored in computer files.

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