C++ Language

C++ is a systems programming language created as the sucessor of C. If you know C, or need to use C programs for systems development, you will mostly be familiar with the power and flexibility provided by C++.

The main design goal of C++ is to maintain compatibility with the C language and to extend its support for higher level features. C++ is a multi paradigm language, which means that it allows the use of multiple programming paradigms, such as procedural programming, object oriented programming, template-based programming, and meta programming.

C++ was designed and implemented by Bjarn Stroustroup during the 80s, in the Bell Labs. Since then, several people have contributed to the success of C++. The language has continued to evolve, and every few years a set of powerful features are added. All of these reasons make C++ the most used language for systems programming, as well as in several other fields such as game development.

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